• Kan biosys is biotechnological enterprise focused on agriculture, human health and software. An idea with a good potential is judged and then nurtured till it finds the light of the day. Our capability of research development and manufacturing has found wide acceptance which is backed by a consolidated experience of over 3 decades...

    We offer biotechnology solution to the present day global problems. We are forever expanding our horizons in:

  • Customised software for biotechnological industries.
  • Bulk formulations of specialized microbes on demand.
  • Agriculture by providing safe inputs for safe and nutritious food.
  • Human and animal health by providing pro-biotics for functional foods.

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  Agriculture:- Expanding horizons in biotechnology

  Soil Health Management   Nutrient Management   Pest Management
Improve soils by recycling to increase organic matter of soils.
Provide nutrients to plants.
Residue free non-toxic solutions.
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