B-seepel R-RP

Biological Seed dresser for Soybean.
B:seepel (Rhizobium) is a bio-organic dry seed dresser for soybean.
It is used to fortify the rhizosphere with useful N fixing symbiotic bacterium.

Contents : Bradyrhizobium japonicum and Bacillus polymyxa.

Use : Dry seed treatment.

Application Methods :

  • Spread seed on a clean and dry plastic sheet in a thin layer.
  • Sprinkle B:seepel RP on the seed uniformly.
  • Hold the plastic sheet tightly at both ends and shake horizontally in left – right direction, till the seed appears properly dressed with B:seepel RP.
  • Compare the dressed seed with untreated seed.
  • Sow as usual.
  • Use B:seepel RP at the time of sowing only.
  • In case of seeds of very smooth or uneven seed coat, rub. B:seepel RP by hand; using plastic gloves or covered with plastic bag.
  • Do not damage seed coat under any circumstances.

Benefits to soil / Benefits to plants :

  • Biological seed dresser for functional seed treatment which lasts throughout the crop period.
  • Early germination.
  • Profuse root development.
  • Rhizosphere enrichment with useful microbes which colonize the root surfaces as roots grow.
  • Enhances germination vigour.
  • In case of a dry spell, helps the seedlings to overcome stress.

Supplementary Products : MycoZoots.

Application Season : Kharif.

Keywords and Tags : Seed treatment, Rhizobium, PSB.

Target crops : Soybean.

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