Phosfert R

Liquid Biofertilizer for P supplementation.
Produced by a patented technology. Tried and tested for over a decade.

Contents : Liquid formulation of dormant forms of multiple phosphate solubilizing strains of Azotobacter chroococcum and Bacillus polymyxa.

Use : Soil application.

Diseases Conditions or Disease Names : NA.

Application Methods : Soil application/ through irrigation.

Benefits :

  • Improves fertilizer use efficiency.
  • Sustainable supply of phosphorus.
  • Augments growth of absorptive white roots by PGPR action.
  • 20 to 30% reduction in use of phosphatic fertilizers.
  • Maintain soil fertility.
  • Residue free.
  • Organic certified.
  • Non-toxic.

Supplementary Products : Taba Drip.

Application Season : Kharif and rabi.

Keywords and Tags : Phosphate solubilizing biofertilizer (PSB).

Target crops : Grapes, pomegranate, banana, soybean, vegetables and sugar cane.

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