TeamBio-3 (Granular)

Category : Bio fertilizer.

Product Description : Nitrogen Fixing, Phosphate solubilizing and Potassium mobilizing biofertilizer consortia (granular, for soil application).

Usage Conditions : Soil Application.

Diseases Conditions or Disease Names : NA.

Application Methods : Broadcasting.

Application Season : Kharif and Rabi.

Keywords and Tags : NPK Consortia Biofertilizer, Granular Biofertilizer.

Contents : Azotobacter (NFB), Bacillus polymyxa (PSB) & Bacillus licheniformis (KMB).

Benefits to soil / Benefits to plants :

  • Improves fertilizer use efficiency.
  • Sustainable supply of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.
  • Compatible with chemical fertilizer.
  • 30-40 % reduction in use of nitrogenous fertilizer, 20-25% reduction in use of phosphatic and potash fertilizer.
  • Increase in yield with quality of produce.
  • Maintains soil fertility.
  • Reduction in fertilizer input cost , ease in application (broadcasting).
  • Non-Toxic, Residue free.

Supplementary Products : NA.

Target crops : All crops.

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