Sudo R

Biological fungicide Pseudomonas fluorescens 0.5% WP
Sudo is an eco-friendly biological fungicide containing Pseudomonas fluorescens and effective against a wide variety of seed and soil borne plant pathogenic fungi. It is found to increase the germination percentage, enhance the growth of groundnut crops. Sudo may also prevent frost damage to crops.
Compatible with chemical fungicides in tank mix concentration.

Contents : Pseudomonas flourescens.

Use : Soil application.

Diseases Conditions or Disease Names : Late Leaf Spot of Groundnut.

Application : Mix the wettable powder at the rate of 2.5g/lit of water & spray on the leaves and drench near the root zone or apply through drip.

Benefits to soil / Benefits to plants :

  • Prevention & control of fungal infections of crops (soil & foliar).
  • Zero Pre-harvest interval (PHI).
  • Residue free.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Compatible with chemical fungicides.
  • Useful for both conventional & organic farming.
  • Prevents frost damage to crops.
  • Organic certified.

Supplementary Products : Milastin.

Application Season : Kharif and rabbi.

Keywords and Tags : Biofungicide, Pseudomonas.

Target crops : Groundnut.

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