Frequently Asked Questions

The balance between nurture and endurance is the best way to ensure quality of products. Kan biosys offers a wide range of products for improvement in farming. Following are a few frequently asked questions, you can refer to them and if still there are some queries which are unsolved /unanswered, you can feel free to get in touch with our support team.

No. Expired products have lower counts of A.i. and this affects product performance. Though these products can be suitably used for landfilling or composting.

Nemastin: nematode control, Trichoshield: wilt control,plant growth promotin by Bioplin and Phosfert.

FCO Registered: Azotobacter, Rhizobium, PSB.In process of FCO registration: KMB , NPK consortia.CIB Registered: Pseudomonas fluorescens, Bacillus thuringiensis,Trichoderma viride, Beauveria bassiana Verticillium lecanii In process of Registration: Bacillus subtilis.

Moisture content: maximum 30-40%, pH: 6.5-7.5.

Yes. Mixing with powder / water soluble fertilizers.No. mixing with concentrated solutions of chemical fertilizers.

TABA Drip provides easily utilizable plant food [organic C, N and minerals] and improves uptake of other fertilizers.

Milastin does not reduce chemical residue. Use of Milastin in pre-harvest period where chemical pesticides cannot be used for disease management, will avaoid appearance of residues in grapes/pomegranates.

Pseudomonas in cell form. Breathable membrane is used to avoid problem of bulging. Hence no inner cap.

Spray fungicides prior to Brigade B or spray fungicide 4-5 days after Brigade spray.

Activators in these products are Spores of a.i. and food for them. Liquid contains food and dispersant for spores. Therefore mixing of activator with Liquid is essential.

Improper mixing is major reason for discripancies observed in Field bio-efficacy of biofertilizers/ biopesticides. Products are ecofriendly: toxicity may not be observed.

Count as per FCO Norm
Count as per CIB norm
Bioplin, Vitormone , Phosfert, Potak 1 x 108cfu/ml -
Biotaxis Azo, Biotaxis PSB, Biotaxis KMB 5 x 107cfu/g -
Team Bio-3 [liquid] 3 x 108cfu/ml
Team Bio-3 [powder/granule] 5 x 107cfu/g -
Sudo - 1 x 108cfu/g
Milastin - 1 x 108cfu/ml
Trichoshield Combat - 1 x 106cfu/g
Nemastin - 1 x 106cfu/g
Brigade B - 1 x 108cfu/g

Quality as per FCO/CIB guidelines, Quality of A.i., Quality during Shelf-life.

Soil application of Trichoshield and Nemastin while preparing beds for capcicum.

Best Quality, Strong back up from Bio-efficay trials with govt. institutions in different climatic zones or various crops.