Nutrient Management

Excessive and obsessive use of chemical fertilizers is polluting our soils and water bodies. Less than 30% of the applied fertilizers are used by the plants and the rest are leached into water bodies or fixed as unavailable form in the soil. This wasteful expenditure increases the costs of cultivation and pollutes environment, food and water. Bio-fertility solutions in the form of bio-fertilizers can supplement Nitrogen and Phosphorus. PGPR bacteria (Plant Growth Promoting) improve growth of plant substantially.

Bio-fertilizers can be used as seed dressers, soil inoculants and foliar inoculants. Bio-fertilizers can provide 25-30 kg/acre of Nitrogen and 10-15 kg/acre of Phosphorus. Anti-stress products can help the plant overcome stress caused by pest/disease/herbicide/pesticide/temperature/water. Soil Nutrient catalyzer can help retain the nutrients round the rhizosphere and absorption by the plant.

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