Soil Health Management

K ey to success is 4R-recycle, reactivate, reclaim and reap. Soil is the most vital part of any farming system. Intensive crop cultivation often compromises soil fertility, the main reason being excessive use of fertilizers, water & tillage together with absence of recycling organic matter. Soils having more than 1% organic matter have sufficient nutrient reserves with mobilizing microbes. The organic matter also provides buffering action against drastic changes & imparts a “bio-sponge” effect to the soil.

Organic matter stops leaching of the chemical fertilizers thereby improving fertilizer use efficiency. The living world in the form of microbes & small animals are nourished by the organic matter. Soil fertility is dependent on the physical, chemical & biological properties of the soil. Recycling the carbon in the form of compost is the best sustainable way to maintain soil fertility.

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