Kanbiosys advisory in june month First unseasonal rains at the junction of Rohini and Mrug naxatra has arrived in most of the dry land ,drought prone areas of Maharashtra like Malegaon Nandgaon yeola, Nagar Bid ,East Satara, east sangli , east o bad ,Solapur Malegaon dhule Nagar south Aurangabad Jalna Bid latur. Being a light soil the rains will results in White grub adult bettles emergence during dusk,sunset light trap are very usefull they fly on the trees (ber, neem, babul) on the field bunds in the night they feed and couplet n next day morning on dot before sunrises they fly back in the soil start laying eggs in the soil ,peak period of egg laying is 21st june . Catch the adults as they are attracted towards the light with light trap Or Locally fermented crushed castor seed 2kg in 2lt water add 200gm January with 25gm bakers yeast ferment for 1-2 days filk in 10 madaka earthen pots burry them in the round sothat they are attracted to smell walk and fall in earthen pots.add 50-100gm Brigade B in the pot . THE first instar grub hatches in 10 -15 day I,e. Max hatching will be on 1 st week of July they feed on soil org matter hence catch & kill them young by applying Brigade B 2kg/acre +100kg dry soil or well decomposted FYM repeat after 20 days last week of July or 1st week of August as the 1st in star last up to 30 days . After 2nd third they feed on roots of the crop with big losses n are difficult to control. Similarly in light soil bajra kh mung tur Cotton soya is sown recomend DRY Seed Dressing with Bseepel Mycozoot Combat . 👉Recommend n take demo on the basal dose of TB3 G 3kg+Taba G 2kg+MycoZopts G 2kg/acre thru seed drill with 25%less Recomended dose of Chem fertilizers . 👉Plague in pome hasth bahar due to Phytopthora late blight in vine crops like cucumber, karela, gourds , & chilli ,capsicum ,tomato n pokka boeng in s cane is expected by 30th of June hence recomend prophylactically 2kg Combat /acre 1lt Taba drip .on 15 th June & 30th June* Grape growers should take care of Phoma blight diploid spray Sudo 5gm+ Captaf 3gm /lt in 3 hours after rains , 70-100days TB3 250ml 4 times weekly with WSF for 100-120 days after April pruning gardens apply thru drip TB2 fertidose 200ml/acre 5times weekly with 0050 WSF 23 june -7th july wide spread good rains most of the grape farmers have mulched the gardens with S.cane trash after april pruning due to water scsrcity ,after 20th june humidity will be good hence recomend 4kg Speedkompost with 40kg Urea for quick decomposition 👉 Sudo 1kg + Milastin 500ml/acre spray fortnightly or apply thru drip for all disease control

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